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About Us

RailLog s.r.o.was established in 2011 as a joint project of two logistics companies – Petrolsped Hungaria Kft. and TransLog Slovakia a.s. In the same year, we were assigned the international RICS code 3255 and the company abbreviation VKM– PSP.

After ten years of successful cooperation, TransLog Slovakia a.s. became the sole owner. The core of our activities is the provision of transport services associated with the transport of goods by rail. The reliability and quality of our services are guaranteed by the certificate „ISO 9001:2015“.

We actively provide rail transport for our customers on the central European market – ŽSR, MÁV, SŽDC.

We are authorised to do so by the following Safety Certificates, Contracts, and Licences:
  • ŽSR – Licence No. 1382/2011/L – Safety Certificate, Part A and B.
  • MÁV – Safety Certificate, Part B
  • SZDC – Safety Certificate, Part B
  • The General Contract of Use for Waggons AVV/GCU/CUU.
In other European countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia...) we transport goods in cooperation with local private and state railway carriers. Our competitive advantages are:
  • one operator for several railway networks
  • one dispatching for three railway networks MÁV-ŽSR-SŽDC
  • experienced personnel
  • reduction of total transport time
  • quick information on your transport
  • flexible solution of logistics requirements

Our Certificates and Licences

We provide transport services based on Licence No. 1382/2011/L issued by the Regulatory Office for Railway Transport Bratislava and Safety Certificate, Part A and B. We started transportation using our own trains at the end of February 2012.

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